How tech makes you safer at home

Technology is one of mankind’s greatest inventions. It plays a significant role in many aspects of life, including safety

THE early 2000s were marked by numerous technological advancements. Since then, itechnology has become an integral part of our daily lives and is thus nearly everywhere.

However, we should be more appreciative of how technology has also made life safer and more secure. No one should feel unsafe – especially in their own home.

Luckily, these days there are countless devices that can keep an eye on both the outside and inside of your home, especially if you live in a smart home. A smart home refers to a convenient home setup where appliances and devices can be automatically controlled remotely from anywhere with an internet connection using a mobile or other networked device.

Hence, the use of high-tech security gadgets is currently gaining popularity among both homeowners and businesses. In a variety of industries, the recent technological revolution has created tremendous opportunities to improve products and services beyond what was previously thought conceivable.

In particular, property security has been bolstered by a number of significant innovations and quality. Let’s see what it can do to make us safer and secure below:

High-Tech CCTV Systems

There will always be better, upgraded, reliable, and enhanced products on the market in these present times. The only major drawback is that it will be somewhat expensive. Nevertheless, it is always preferred to invest for security reasons.

The graininess of images has decreased, and cameras have gotten more responsive. The miniaturisation of cameras made possible by technological advancements is ideal for those who wish to install stealthy CCTV.

However, in many instances, house and business owners want their cameras to serve as a deterrent. The construction of cameras has been modified to make them tougher to vandalise and difficult to compromise or tampered with.

Alarms and Monitoring Stations

Monitoring stations that are linked to your alarms ensure that your property is constantly under surveillance. Alarms are nowadays frequently implemented as part of a bigger security system deployment as a result of widespread technological advancements and improved overall cost-effectiveness.

Alarms are most effective when paired with additional security measures. In recent years, detection systems have vastly improved and are now highly effective at monitoring the property’s entry points. Alarms can be routed to a receiving centre that is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week, where an operator can notify the police without the invaders knowing they are on their way. This is how advanced the technology of today is.

Smart Doorbells and Intercom Systems

A high-definition infrared camera and microphone are embedded into the doorbell, allowing the homeowner to see and speak with visitors using an app on their smartphone. They work with either batteries or wires for energy supply. With the help of a smart lock, the user of some smart doorbells can also unlock and lock the door from afar with just a single tap.

Smart doorbells are not only capable of filming someone approaching your front door or arriving within a certain distance of the front of your home while gazing through windows, but they can also capture people scouting out your neighbours’ property. If a break-in occurs on your street, the idea is that you can share the footage from your smart doorbells with your neighbours and the authorities, establishing a primitive CCTV network.

Smart Door Handles Locks

Several businesses have advanced the idea even further by including fingerprint scanners and sturdier lock mechanisms in addition to video doorbells and app-controlled locks.

By installing a smart lock system, you will have complete access control. In truth, a smart lock is an electronic gadget that allows you to record and gather data at any time, including who enters and exits, along with the dates and hours of their entry and exit. This is feasible since the authentication recognition device is active. In fact, in order to access the site, the smartphone must be registered beforehand.

The lock cannot be easily manipulated, as is customary with keys or latches. This locking device prevents mechanical forces from entering the door through the keyhole, the favoured method of entry for criminals. A biometric reader (fingerprint) or smartphone detection gadget replaces the keyhole.

Mini Vault Silver Safe

The recently upgraded Mini Vault Silver variety of freestanding safes provides a robust protective solution for the safe storage of cash and valuables in a broad variety of applications, including residential properties, hotel rooms, and even offices.

A safe may not be an obvious necessity for home security, but if you want additional peace of mind, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a vault. This home safe resembles those used in hotels and is powered by AA batteries and a combination lock. It is protected by an 8mm anti-bludgeon flush-fit door with 25mm locking bolts made of reinforced steel. You may even mount this safe on the wall to prevent its theft.

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