Narwal Freo robot vacuum launches with self-cleaning dock and smart features

The Narwal Freo robot vacuum has launched. The gadget has up to 3,000 Pa suction power and a roller brush to help it to pick up dust and hair. The device can intelligently adapt to carpets or hard floors, lifting the mop or vacuum brushes accordingly. The device can also adjust the pressure and water level for different surfaces to ensure a deep clean without damaging the surface. 

The Freo can make intelligent decisions, such as vacuuming before mopping, and DirtSense technology determines when the robot should stop cleaning. Once a week, the device will use Smart Swing to deep clean the corners of your house. The robot can clean thoroughly, with adjustable overlap areas from 5 to 14 cm (~2.0 to 5.5-in). The device uses various technologies, like LIDAR and ultrasonic sensors, to navigate your home and detect and avoid obstacles. Plus, the gadget can work with as little output noise as 39 dB.

The robot comes with a self-cleaning dock with an integrated touchscreen which you can use to control the device. The hub can refill the water tank, empty the dustbin and clean and dry the mop head at up to 40 °C (~104 °F). Alternatively, you can use voice commands or the accompanying smartphone app to control the gadget and view updates. You can currently buy the Narwal Freo robot vacuum for US$1,299.

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