5 tech gadgets to get rid of now from old phones to outdated routers

It's better to trade in an old smartphone instead of leaving it in a drawer because it can start a fire.

In our haste to get new tech set up and going quickly, it’s easy to skip over settings that make a difference to our privacy. Don’t make that mistake. Here’s a list of seven settings tech companies would rather you leave alone.

There are ordinary things we do daily that take months, even years, off our tech’s lifespan. Tap or click for five ways you’re ruining your expensive phone, laptop, tablet and TV.

Some gadgets are security and safety risks too. Scan this list to make sure you and your family are safe.

1. Old phones sitting in a drawer can start a fire

YouTuber Arun Maini, who runs a popular channel called Mrwhosetheboss, has collected every Samsung flagship phone since 2010. He noticed a scary pattern. The phone’s batteries are swelling enough to crack the glass and split the cases.

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