Xiaomi Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier Pro Plus Edition with 900 ml/h humidification rate launches

The Xiaomi Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier Pro Plus Edition has arrived in China. The device can deliver up to 900 ml (~30.4 fl. oz) of water per hour, making it 50% more powerful than the previous model. The gadget uses sensors to detect the humidity in the room and automatically adjust its settings accordingly. Xiaomi claims that this system, alongside the lack of misting, helps to prevent water pooling on your floor. 

A sleeping mode pushes 300 ml (~10.1 fl. oz) of water into the air per hour to make it quieter, producing 31.25 dBA of noise. The device has a 5 L (~1.1 gallons) water tank, which you can fill with tap water thanks to an integrated filtration system. Intelligent waterway cleaning ensures your humidifier remains efficient, and silver ion antibacterial technology helps to keep the product clean. A built-in OLED screen can display real-time information such as humidity, water volume and age.

As with many Xiaomi smart home products, you can control the humidifier in the Mijia app or with Xiao AI voice commands. The device’s size is unclear; for context, the gadget’s predecessor, the Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier Pro with the same 5L water tank, measures 508 x 285 mm (~20.0 x 11.2-in). You can currently buy the Xiaomi Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier Pro Plus Edition in China for the discounted price of 899 yuan (~US$127); the gadget is due to retail for 999 yuan (~US$141) in the future.

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