Get a new Google Nest Video Doorbell at 60% off!

(Pocket-lint) – The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to make your home smarter and safer before the season kicks into high gear. Good news – the ideal solution is here! 

For a limited time only, get 60% off the Google Nest Video Doorbell at Woot. Normally priced at $229, this fantastic gadget can be yours for just $88.99. 

Read on to learn more about this awesome deal and how it can help you prepare for the holidays and the new year in style.

Why is this deal so great? 

The Google Nest Video Doorbell normally retails at $229, but this deal brings it down to just $88.99 – that’s around 60% off.

With this offer, you’ll be able to save some serious cash while getting ready for 2023 with peace of mind that your home is safe. 


If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can enjoy free standard shipping, so you don’t have to worry about extra costs or prolonged delivery times.

However, this offer is only available until midnight Central Time on 15 December, so it’s important to act right away.

New Google Nest Video Doorbell: Key features

The Google Nest Video Doorbell stands out from other video doorbells because it has several key features that make it convenient, safer, and easy to use.

HDR video with night vision

The Google Nest Doorbell boasts a high-quality video feed built with HDR technology. This means the image will be vibrant and detailed even in low-light situations. No matter how dark it may be outside, you will be able to spot facial features and get a clear view of what’s happening in your yard or porch. 

Even better, the device can stream video 24/7, so you can check in from anywhere at any time. You can also review a three-hour snapshot history to catch up on anything you might have missed.

With the excellent-quality video feed, you don’t have to worry about missing any important details when monitoring your home from afar.

Two-way audio

The Google Nest Doorbell is the perfect way to communicate with visitors without ever having to open your door. It features advanced HD Talk and Listen technology, which ensures conversations are crystal clear with no static or distortion. You won’t miss a thing, even if you cannot answer the door immediately. 

The two-way audio system also allows you to record personalized messages through the app so visitors can get an immediate response when they press the doorbell. And with notifications sent straight to your phone, you can track who comes and goes to your house while you’re away.

Emergency calling 

If there’s an emergency when you’re not at home, the Nest Doorbell has got your back. With its emergency calling feature, all you have to do is open up the Home app on your device and hit the 911 button to have help dispatched immediately to your address. 

Not only will this provide you with extra peace of mind while away from home, but it can also potentially save lives in urgent situations where every second counts.

Integration with Google Assistant

Perhaps the best thing about this gadget is that it can integrate with Google Assistant in just a few steps. You can link the doorbell with Assistant-powered smart speakers and amplify your doorbell chimes, making it easy to monitor the activity on your front door from any part of the house. By simply tapping a microphone button, you can instantly communicate with the visitor or even relay a pre-recorded audio message. 

You can also stream the live video feed via an Assistant-powered smart display. This can be particularly helpful when away from home. 

You don’t need a Nest Aware subscription 

Even without a Nest Aware subscription, you can enjoy most AI smarts with this doorbell. That includes smartphone alerts when someone presses the doorbell or if the sensors detect motion, real-time communication with the visitor, notifications when someone leaves a package, and up to three hours of video footage in case you want to review recent activity.

However, you can significantly boost your doorbell’s AI took kit by getting a Nest Aware subscription. For example, the basic subscription ($6 a month) expands your cloud storage from three hours to 30 days, increasing to 60 days with the Nest Aware Plus ($12 a month). You also unlock the Familiar Face Detection feature, which allows your doorbell to identify visitors by name using data from Google Contacts and Google Photos.

Is Google Nest a trusted brand? 

With more than ten years in the tech industry, Google has become a leader in smart home technology solutions. The company is well known for its easy-to-use products built to last and backed by customer support. The company offers many other products and services like thermostats, cameras, speakers, and more to suit your smart home needs.

The tech giant is loved for its dedicated customer support team, who are always on hand to answer any queries or help diagnose any issues with your device.

Transform your home with a piece of Google’s smart tech

If you’re keen to improve the security of your home, you don’t want to miss out on this amazing deal. Get yourself a Google Nest Video Doorbell today while it’s still available on sale. 

Being part of the renowned Google Nest brand ensures reliability and quality, making this offer from Woot too good to pass up.

Hurry now before this awesome sale ends.

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