5 Gadgets to Improve Your Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is a cornerstone of wellness. By taking care of your body and your home, you can support your body in its defense against harmful substances, reduce the number of bacteria you are exposed to, and ultimately result in you experiencing a healthier life.

By using the following gadgets, you may experience fewer health problems such as allergic reactions or infectious diseases, and because you’ll be cleaner and healthier in general, you’ll likely look and feel your best—the benefits of which can extend into social and professional life.

1. Smart Toothbrushes

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Brushing your teeth not only helps prevent tooth decay and improve gum health, but it also makes you the kind of person that people don’t mind talking to, especially up close. For this reason, effective brushing can be incredibly good for your social and romantic life!

First, while there are several apps that can help make brushing more fun, smart toothbrushes offer a variety of features that make brushing your teeth more effective and efficient. For example, many models feature timers so that you don’t under or over-brush (over-brushing can harm your teeth and gums). You’ll also frequently get pressure sensors, so you don’t apply too much force resulting in a receding gumline.

Dentists recommend you brush for a solid two minutes to get the full benefits, and do you want to set a timer every time you whip out your toothbrush? Probably not.

Smart toothbrushes are also electric and provide either vibration or oscillation to help mechanically clean your teeth more thoroughly. In addition, most models of smart toothbrushes will vibrate at 30-second intervals, letting you know when it’s time to move on to the next quadrant of your mouth. This alone is a killer feature.

2. Electronic Bidets

Product shot of brondell swash bidet
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As anyone who has traveled to Japan can attest, there are more ways to get the job done than using toilet paper. And while many Americans might feel violated by the mere thought of anything, even a blast of water, touching their most private of parts in any way, once you try it, you might never go back.

Electronic bidets come in all shapes and sizes and offer superior cleaning compared to using toilet paper alone. They work by shooting little jets of water directly to the region that needs cleaning, which can leave your bottom feeling cleaner than when you entered the bathroom.

Some models come pre-installed on toilets from the factory, while many manufacturers offer kits that allow you to retrofit almost any existing toilet into a bidet. Non-electric kits such as the Brondell PS-65 can be simple and offer cool water as a single feature, while luxury kits such as the Brondell Swash come equipped with features such as water warmers, air dryers, and LED night lights. If you’re in the market, check out the best smart toilets.

3. Sterilizers

Sterilizer product shot
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Sterilizers come in all shapes and sizes, and you can use them to clean all kinds of household goods, from baby bottles to toothbrushes to cell phones. They work by harnessing ultraviolet (UV) rays, which are a form of electromagnetic radiation.

UV radiation has effectively been used for decades to reduce the spread of bacteria, and according to the Federal Drug Administration, UV can be used to disinfect the air, water, and nonporous surfaces.

This State River brand UV sterilization cabinet can be used for any object you can fit into it, including masks or hand tools. Other devices that use light to sterilize objects may come in the form of a pouch that you can put a smartphone into or a wand that you can use to disinfect handles and taps in your home.

A word of warning: UV rays are damaging to your skin and eyes, so be careful with the operation to ensure you don’t expose yourself to the harmful effects of these devices.

4. Smart Air Purifiers

Levoit air purifier product shot
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In a nutshell, air purifiers are small home appliances that use various types of filters to remove airborne toxins and particles from the air, including those that are known to cause health issues. These devices take in dirty air and pump out clean, hazard-free air worth breathing.

There are many things to consider when buying an air purifier, especially because the latest and greatest smart air purifiers boast an impressive list of features. What makes these devices especially smart is that they are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, can usually be accessed and controlled with a companion app, which can also let you monitor air quality in real time, and include voice assistant compatibility (Google, Alexa, etc.).

In addition, because they can offer real-time monitoring, some smart air purifiers, such as the Levoit Air Purifier, can send you alerts when the air quality in your home reaches unsafe levels. Take that, dirty air!

5. Robot Vacuums

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Robot vacuums are hugely popular smart home devices, and there are many reasons to buy a robot vacuum. The most obvious is that the robot assistant will gladly take one for the team and handle a task you’d rather not do. And it’ll clean up after you day after day, without complaint! What could be better than that?

These little devices have improved over the years. They now come capable of vacuuming and mopping, can handle difficult-to-clean pet hair, can return to their bases to charge, empty themselves, and can map your home with precision ensuring they clean efficiently and quickly.

These devices can also connect to companion apps via Wi-Fi, allowing you set schedules or communicate with them using popular virtual assistants. For example, if you find yourself away from home for an extended period, you can request your robot vacuum deviate from its normal schedule to deep clean the entire home. You can even ask certain models to use extra suction in areas that require deeper cleaning.

Using Tech to Stay Clean and Healthy

From improving the health of your teeth to the quality of the air in your home to the cleanliness of your hardwood floors or carpet, there’s a gadget that can help you be just a little bit cleaner and, as a result, stay just a little bit healthier. The ones in this article are a great starting point if you’re not sure where to begin.

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