Take care of your pet even when you are not at home with Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder

If you have a pet at home you must have gone through a problem of leaving them alone at home. It becomes hard to go somewhere for a long trip when you have nobody at home to take care of them. But this problem won’t stop you anymore from enjoying long trips by leaving your pet with a digital caretaker that will make sure to give you all information about your pet.

This is the Xiaomi Smart Pet Food Feeder. This is a 24-hour automatic pet feeding device that automatically dispenses with fixed timing and dosage. With this, you get the superpower to manage the diet of your pet in a scientific manner.

This device is basically paired with Mi Home so you can dispense timely dosage from anywhere traveling more enjoyable than ever before. The unique six-grid dispensing structure flexible soft silicon fold stirrer and dispensing blade have been tested over 10,000 times to ensure smooth dispensing.

Even in absence of network and power, it will work by emergency power supply ensuring regular dispensing.



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